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Safety, quick assembly, and a long service life always distinguish the word genuine.
Your Isuzu Dealer kaki Plc Is the One to be your first choice. When you go for Genuine parts Quality, the long lifespan for your truck, Longer service intervals, and No consequential damage are your target for your Isuzu Vehicles

Isuzu’s Genuine Parts

In Isuzu, parts meeting the following three conditions are regarded as genuine:
1. Parts that are warranted by Isuzu motors.
2. Parts that have passed Isuzu Motors’ inspections
3. Parts which will be sold through the supply channel of Authorized Isuzu Motors dealers.

Isuzu’s Genuine Parts: how to differentiate

By choosing Isuzu genuine parts, you can rest assured that your Isuzu will perform as smoothly as a new vehicle using the same parts fitted in the factory. Drive with the confidence knowing that your vehicle has been fitted with the quality parts it deserves and help prolong its lifespan.


Isuzu Best Value Parts are manufactured to ensure the highest quality standards and minimum downtime, giving you peace of mind, and add value for money. This is one way of giving you economical choices when servicing your Isuzu Vehicles in our workshop and counter sales in the near future.


Best Value Parts are the best choice for:

  1. Users who prefer to buy more cost-effective, Isuzu approved parts.
  2. Users looking to reduce the maintenance cost of their vehicle.
  3. Users who are worried about using non-genuine parts.

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Be Aware
Genuine Parts: Non- Genuine Parts
Same as or equivalent to parts assembled on production lines. Just fit Isuzu vehicles, allowing the vehicle performance to be fully exerted. Even if assembles, their performance and durability may be problematic due to the difference of equipment used and processing methods such heat treatment.
Ensuring quality and performance as indicated on drawing. Have passed Isuzu’s strict inspection, completely fulfilling functions, and also have a longer service life. Large variations of raw materials and machining accuracy could result in uneven performance and assimilability.
All parts forming automobiles are to be supplied.

Possible to supply such parts even for old models and parts with low demand.

Parts in high demand are manufactured only during a period in high demand.
Quickly supplied from the repair part channel of an automobile manufacturer.

Prepared at the center, depots through the country, and pats sales offices of sales companies.

Parts have a large distribution margin and are inexpensive as compared with genuine pars but there is no responsibility for supply.
Have warranty as per Isuzu Standard No warranty
Durability, Stability, and the Heat resistance behavior of the parts are very high Very low Durability, Stability, and Heat resistance behavior of the parts.
Non-Genuine parts service time and Look’s